2020/2021 Hockey Registration (Stirling Blues)

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Please use this form to register for the 2020-2021 hockey season. WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY PAYMENT AT THIS TIME.
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  5. Every player registered within the OMHA must have this course completed by a parent in order to be allowed to be added to a roster.
  6. If you do not have a number, go to https://omhahockeyparent.respectgroupinc.com to register
Hockey History
Options for season
We currently do not know what hockey in the 2020/21 season is going to look like at this point in time, but we are prepared to move forward under the guidelines of the OMHA and the local health authorities. Please note, these are only some of the potential scenarios for the upcoming season, and things may change multiple times between now and the end of the hockey season as the pandemic situation continues to evolve.

  1. These are just some potential scenarios for the season. SDMHA, like all minor hockey associations in Ontario, is required to follow the guidelines of the OHF, OMHA, and the local health authorities. The season will evolve as as the situation continues to change over the course of the year. Fees will be adjusted to reflect the level of hockey programming that we're able to provide.

    As parents within STIRLING & DISTRICT MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION it is your mandate to help build a positive and respectful atmosphere by being team players who support not only your own player, but ALL players, as well as coaching staff, volunteers, officials and our organization as a whole.


    1. Agree to follow all rules and regulations as set forth by SDMHA and OMHA

    2. Support the coaching staff and other volunteers associated with my child's team as well as other organization's volunteers who give their time to create a positive experience for all.

    3. I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to search for a resolution of any conflict in a calm and respectful manner.

    4. Behave in a respectful manner towards officials and opposing players, coaches, other parents and spectators. 

    5. Recognize that failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in review of membership and participation in SDMHA.

  2. IF YOU ARE NEW TO SDMHA OR ARE REGISTERING WITH US FOR THE FIRST TIME, SDMHA requires a copy of the players birth certificate and a copy of one parents drivers license as proof of address.  Please copy and send to [email protected]


    As the parent or legal guardian of the child listed above who is registered in Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association, permission is granted to Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association and its Board members, to use this child’s name and player number, photographic likeness, alone or in a group, in any Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association publication, document, TV production, video or to release said name or likeness to any media outlets including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines or TV stations for publicity and/or recognition purposes. Additionally, I extend permission to use this player’s name and player number and/or photographic likeness, alone or in a group, on the official web site of Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association or a web site available through the official web site. I release Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association and its Board members from any and all liabilities or damages that result from the use of this player’s name and number and/or photographic likeness as described above. This permission shall remain in effect unless revoked by me and communicated to Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association in writing.

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