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Stirling Blues Ice-Breaker Fall Classic Tournament Rules


1. This is an OMHA sanctioned tournament in which OMHA and OHF rules apply. An OMHA representative will be available during the tournament to answer any questions regarding OMHA policies and procedures.

2. This is a body contact tournament.

3. By entering this tournament, the coach or manager, on behalf of their team, releases the Stirling & District Minor Hockey Association (SDMHA) and the Tournament Committee and all officials, referees, sponsors, volunteers, arena management and all concerned with the tournament from any and all liability of injury or accident which may be incurred by any player or team official while participating in coming to or going from the tournament.

4. Suspension rules used for the tournament will be the same as found in the OMHA Manual of Operations. It is the offending team’s responsibility to ensure that all tournament suspensions and carry-over suspensions are adhered to. Violations during the tournament will result in the forfeiture of the affected games. The Tournament Committee will assist if there are any questions or clarifications regarding rule and suspension interpretations.

5. Interpretation all of rules and regulations will be at the discretion of the Head Convener. All of decisions made by the Head Convener will be final.

6. A total of 17 players, 2 goalies and 5 team officials may be signed to an entry form. All players must be registered on an official approved roster or approved AP list.

7. Each team will carry home and away jerseys. Home will wear light and visitors will wear dark. In the event of a conflict, the home team will change sweaters.

8. A member of the coaching staff must report to the arenas’ tournament table to complete a game sheet prior to each game.

9. Only carded persons are allowed on the bench. Each OMHA team must have a carded trainer.

10. There will be a 3-minute warm-up prior to each game. The clock will start the warm-up when the first team steps on the ice.  

11. In the event that a game cannot be played due to mechanical breakdown of arena equipment or any unforeseen facility related event, a 1-1 tie will be awarded and a financial return of $100 will be give to the affected teams.
12. Game times will be as follows: 

Round Robin  101015 / NoOvertime / No TimeOuts.
Finals  101515 minute periods / 5 minute (3-on-3) Sudden Victory Overtime period if necessary / 3 minute (2-on-2) Sudden Victory Overtime period if necessary / Shootout if necessary / 1x30 second TimeOut per team per game.

13. If necessary, after the overtime, there will be a three man shoot out controlled by the referee conducted in the same manner as a penalty shot. The home team will shoot first. If no winner is declared, each team will choose a fourth player to shoot. This formula will continue until a winner is declared. No player may shoot a second time until the entire roster has shot, regardless of the size of the roster. For statistical purposes, the winner of the shoot out will receive credit for 1 goal added to the score of the game after the overtime.

14. Standings will be determined with 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.

15. To help move the tournament along in a timely manner, all teams are expected to be ready to play
 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. 

16. It is common to have coaches and/or parents approach the Tournament Committee protesting a suspension penalty issued by a referee. It must be emphasized to all coaching staffs and parents that the Tournament Committee cannot and will not overturn any penalty issued before, during or after a game regardless of the circumstances. The suspension appeal process can be found in the OMHA Manual of Operations. 

17.Parents and guests are the responsibility of the team.
 Inappropriate parent or guest behaviour towards the competing team, any children, referees, coaches, arena staff, tournament staff, OMHA staff and/or other parents may result in the expulsion of the TEAMfrom the tournament. Assistant Conveners will be present at each game to monitor behavior.

18. All tournament games must comprise 3 stop time periods scheduled as per OMHA Regulation 10.2a)& 10.2b). However when any team is ahead by five or more goals in the third period the tournament will utilize ‘straight time’. Any penalties, during this time, will be running time. In this situation the game will proceed under ‘straight time’ unless the gap is reduced to three goals, at which point the clock will revert back to stop time. The only time the clock would be stopped during time is if an on-ice injury should occur. 

19. In the Finals, the home team shall be the team with the most points during the round robin. If 2 or more teams have the same number of points, the tie breaking rules below shall apply. 

 Goal %
Highest % as calculated by: Goals For / (Total Goals For + Against)
 Highest Plus/Minus
Calculated as: Total Goals For – Total Goals Against
 Fewest Goals Against
 Coin Toss
Furthest travelling team calls the toss.

This will determine the placing for all the top (tied) teams:
 Goal %
Highest % as calculated by: Goals For / (Total Goals For + Against).
 Highest Plus Minus (+/)
Calculated as: Total Goals For – Total Goals Against.
If 2 teams remain tied, the 2 tied teams proceed to Two Team Tie Breaking Rules above.
If 3 teams remain tied, the 3 teams remaining tied move to tie breaker C.
 Fewest Goals Against
If 2 teams remain tied, the 2 tied teams proceed to Two Team Tie Breaking Rules above.
If 3 teams remain tied, the 3 teams remaining tied move to tie breaker D.
 Lottery Draw 
Remaining tied teams names placed in a hat 
 first team name drawn wins.

This will take place after last game of Round Robin games where head convenor is stationed. 

Good Luck.

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